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Exsel Electronics are 100% operational during the global virus pandemic

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Exsel Electronics is pleased to be fully operational as offering support to the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) in Porton Down, during the Covid 19 global pandemic.

Exsel Electronics with its headquarters on the Wales/England border, is also working to support QinetiQ and the Ministry of Defence (MOD), while following Government guidelines to work from home where possible. Keith Hughes, Exsel’s Director, said: “Our early and seemless transition to working from home, means that we are still fully supporting all data security programmes to QinetiQ, Dstl and the Ministry of Defence etc, while giving 100% effort off-site. We wish everyone the best of health.” Fleur Phillips, Project Manager at Exsel Electronics, said:

“Being proactive from the outset of this unprecedented pandemic, has resulted in our robust infrastructure remaining in place, while keeping our key staff safe, in good health and intact as a team.”

For More information: Commercial or Product: or 01938 558 228

Exsel Electronics

Exsel Electronics designs and produces fully engineered, documented and supportable electronic defence systems to meet customers’ project-specific requirements. It is the Exsel Group’s centre of excellence for design, manufacture and testing of software and electronic systems and offers proven expertise in Systems Engineering where reliability, safety and protection are paramount.

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