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Simulation and training hardware mirror the form and function of the subject equipment and are considerably more robust in order to fulfil continuous use in the training environment.

The Exsel Training & Simulation centre of excellence offers training simulators, part task trainers, and emergency egress trainers to both military and civilian organisations. Recent devices have included fuselage trainers, fast jet maintenance training devices, troop trainers and emergency exit procedure training systems.

Exsel Training & Simulation Fixed Wing Part Task Trainers can be produced to reflect the configuration of any cargo aircraft. Examples to date include replicated versions of the C130J Hercules and Airbus A400M aircraft cargo compartments.

Fixed Wing Part Task Trainers

Exsel Training & Simulation Rotary Wing Part Task Trainers can be produced to reflect the configuration of most helicopters; including the AW101 Merlin and EC135/145 Airbus.


Exsel Training & Simulation UET training devices can be configured to replicate the interior configuration of the operational equipment, using space claims to provide accurate and realistic escape routes.

Please contact us here for further information.

Viking Roll Over Part Task Trainer

The Exsel Training & Simulation Underwater Escape Trainer (UET) for the BvS10 (Viking) vehicle provides training for vehicle crews in an existing helicopter underwater escape training facility.

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