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Exsel Field Services
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Exsel Field Services provide on location support and services across the Globe and in some of the world’s most hostile regions. 

We assist clients with vehicle/equipment trials, installation, certification, logistics, facilities management, quality assurance and project management of our and other manufacturers products.  

With in-market facilities and experts on hand we offer a unique solution to ensuring quality product and service contract completion – ensuring end-user certification, product acceptance and ongoing support services. 

With a focus on force and asset protection products and services, Exsel Field Services has particular skill with the installation and certification of mechanical, electromechanical, electronic systems into mobile platforms and container based solutions for rapid deployment and severe environment applications.  Additionally, we have over 20 years support mission requirements in theatre in extreme hostile environments.


We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to perform and maintain a mission-ready fleet of  vehicles.

  • OEM handheld diagnostic scanners.

  • Digital wheel alignment.

  • A/C recycling equipment.

  • Engine and transmission diagnostic testers for all major brands.

  • Armour & Ballistic Glass installation and repairs.


Exsel Field Services is at the forefront of anti-terrorism & critical infrastructure protective engineering and surveillance research, design & construction.


We specialise in force protection design incorporating blast and ballistic mitigation using energy absorption technology worldwide.

Our hostile environment projects have been widely deployed for governments, commercial and NGO clients.  


We have a commitment to regular research and testing enables us to validate innovate solutions to site-specific challenges, thereby optimising overall design performance and cost efficiency on an ongoing basis.  


As well as R&D of cutting-edge blast, ballistic and perimeter security technologies we have been involved with the undertaking of explosive attack vulnerability, blast & ballistic risk assessments and security risk surveys. We also conduct the design of threat-mitigation facility enhancements, blast analysis and quality assurance.  

  • Build enduring & sustainable capabilities

  • Instructor Led Programs

  • Government Mentorship Programs

  • Vehicle & Equipment Management and Maintenance

  • Supply Chain & Logistics Management

  • Inventory & Warehouse Management

  • Armoured Driver Training

  • Multi-Lingual Delivery


The successful integration of various systems to enable enhanced security capability relies on the performance of each individual element in the system; therefore, especially in the field of security and protection, it is vital to perform adequate quality control during the shipping, installation and training for each system.

We are certified to ISO 9001: 2015 for "The provision of security and protection solutions, through research and development, consultancy, design, project management, integration and support services to governments, NGO's and commercial organisations."

Our field engineers have performed quality control for a number of construction projects worldwide, resulting in the successful operation of state-of-the-art systems in remote locations worldwide.

Every project has a "Quality Management Plan" defining processes to be used to assure:​

  • Quality Design Management Procedures

  • Quality Control Procedures

  • Quality Assurance Procedures

  • Supply Chain Management for genuine OEM parts, ensuring quality is maintained across all services.

  • Quality Control & Quality Assurance is based on industry’s best practices and procedures closely modelled to be in compliance with ISO Quality Management System Requirements. We use technical manuals as inspection guides and checklists.

  • Quality Management System - Our Quality Management System is based on the principles established in the ISO Quality Manual. Our QMS provides a means of implementing process control and improvement, ensures services and products conform to contractual and our requirements.


  • Fleet Management Software.

  • Flexible and scalable to match fleet and operating environment.

  • Accessible and secure.

  • Multi-language options.

  • Third-party software integration.

  • In-house development and support team.



  • Airfield Equipment/Vehicle Maintenance Support Services, including Zone 1/Zone 2 ATEX,  IECeX, CNEX, and NEC approved equipment conversions, on site specialist  equipment upgrades, force protection equipment, through life support.

  • Broad range of land, marine, fixed and rotary wing part task trainers, including:

    • Fixed Wing Aircraft

      • Airbus A400M, Lockheed Martin C130, Boeing C-17, BAE Eurofighter

      • Emergency egress, parachute, maintenance, avionics trainers

    • Rotary Wing Aircraft

      • CH-47, AH101/Merlin, Apache, Airbus Helicopters (formerly Eurocopter), Boeing Rotorcraft & Leonardo Helicopters)

      • Emergency egress, parachute, maintenance, avionics trainers

    • Land systems (All major manufacturers)

      • Wheeled & tracked trainers for gunnery, emergency egress, maintenance

    • Marine systems

      • Seamanship trainers, gunnery trainers, maintenance trainers


  • Durable, all-weather trainers alongside integrated virtual reality (VR) and artificial reality (AR) software systems.

  • Design, certification & upgrades for integrated software programmes.

  • Fixed or mobile training platforms.



  • Any environment

  • Hostile

  • Public/private partnerships

  • Corporate or government.

  • Train the Trainers services – for all platforms and environments.


  • Mobile ‘on-demand’ support services – trainer upgrades, life-time-extension, mid-life support, safety inspections, both scheduled, ad hoc or emergency support.

  • Literature, documentation and/or multi-media support for training platforms for legacy, in-service or future platforms.

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