With proven capability in designing bespoke personnel protection for customers in Defence, Government and Civilian Industry, Dyna Armour works closely with a number of partners to design, develop and install a variety of protection solutions.

By enabling rapid construction of ballistic, blast & fragmentation resistant structures, Dyna Armour's Portable Armour Protection System (PAPS) ensures the safety of police, civil defence or military personnel in ever changing situations. 

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Dyna Armour's Amphibious Armour Shield System (CA2) is a compact, lightweight and modular personal protection ballistic shield for amphibious use. Operators can conduct

surface or subsurface insertions and can tactically deploy CA2 for protection in the water.

The C-Shield product portfolio provides a comprehensive  range of  ballistic  protection  systems delivering  proven  maritime force  protection  to  both personnel   and   critical   infrastructure.

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We are adhering to the latest UK Government advice and instructions in order to maximise the protection of all our customers, employees, suppliers and their families.

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