Exsel Electronics designs and produces fully engineered, documented and supportable electronic defence systems to meet customers' project-specific requirements. The Exsel Electronics facility based at Welshpool, Powys, is Exsel Group's centre of excellence for design, manufacture and testing of software and electronic systems and offers proven expertise in Systems Engineering where reliability, safety and protection are paramount.

Exsel Electronics has many years of experience keeping the Ministry of Defence's data safe and secure, ensuring that it is available when it is needed and preventing it from falling into the wrong hands. We are also involved actively in the development of next-generation security solutions for the Defence and Financial sectors.

Protect Data
Trasmit Data

We specialise in getting data safely to where it needs to be, and in developing, refining and implementing secure data transmission protocols - even when the transmission channel is insecure or unreliable.

Exsel Electronics designs and manufactures specialised data-collection systems for military vehicles: known as HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring Systems) or VMUs (Vehicle Monitoring Units).  We also support and integrate other remote telemetry systems including body-worn devices.

Collect and analyse data
Deliver Power

Secure electronic systems need secure and reliable power supplies. Exsel Electronics designs military-grade power supplies for sensitive mission-critical equipment in hostile environments. 

For Equipment Control applications we combine the skills of our multidisciplinary team of systems, software and electronic engineers, who work closely together under one roof. We gain deep understanding of the systems to be controlled and perform rigorous architectural development, enforcing strict compliance with applicable protocols to ensure that the system works as expected, safely and reliably.

Collect and analyse data
Deliver Power

Exsel Electronics produces 'office-scale' and 'lab-scale' simulation systems. We write emulators for systems that we design and manufacture, which are useful during development work but also very useful when providing training in a lab or classroom environment. We can also perform 'scenario modelling' to help predict how systems, or indeed people, are likely to react when faced with a situation.

Sometimes a requirement arises for which no off-the-shelf solution, whether commercial (COTS) or military (MOTS), can be found. 

Collect and analyse data


We are adhering to the latest UK Government advice and instructions in order to maximise the protection of all our customers, employees, suppliers and their families.

Please contact us by email at enquiries@exsel-group.com or by telephone on +44 (0) 1684 579 000 if you have any enquiries, need further information or assistance.

Deliveries are severely restricted and site access is strictly controlled - please ensure you have pre-cleared any deliveries with supply chain managers BEFORE attempting delivery.

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