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An adaptable lightweight ballistic shield system delivering force protection to both personnel and critical infrastructure employed in maritime security operations.


The principle mission behind C-Shield is to maintain and sustain hard kill force protection by providing psychological and physical protection to small and medium calibre weapon operators.


The C-Shield product portfolio provides a comprehensive range of ballistic protection systems delivering proven maritime force protection to both personnel and critical infrastructure.


Designed to defeat asymmetric and conventional threats the level of protection can be supplied in accordance with international standards or bespoke against specific theatres of operation.

The ballistic resistant C-Shield products are used in combination with body armour and helmets to provide gunners the most comprehensive protection available against small arms fire. C-Shield enables gunners to concentrate in defeating the threat and sustain the force protection of a vessel. C-Shield also provides protection to critical infrastructure on-board


Modular Removable (MR)
C-Shield Modular Removable (MR) is a flexible standardized solution that can be orientated to provide maximum protection coverage across a range of weapon system positions and across a range of vessels. Designed to be a removable to minimize the number of systems carried on-board it can be struck, relocated, and constructed in less than 15 minutes. C-Shield MR is constructed solely off the machine gun pedestal with no additional deck fixings and can be manipulated to avoid deck clutter. Standardization minimizes the logistics, spares and training burden.

Modular Semi-Removable (MSR)
C-Shield Modular Semi-Removable (MSR) is a semi-permanent protection shield for mini gun and similar weapon systems. The design has removable side protection panels fitted to a permanent central protection panel & tripod framework. The flexible side panels can be manipulated against each individual weapons station to provide maximum protection bespoke to that position. If the side panels were permanently fixed then coverage would be limited and a standardized shield could not be supplied across a range of vessels. Standardization minimizes the logistics, spares and training burden.

Fixed (FXD)
C-Shield Fixed (FXD) covers a range of designs that are permanently fitted to the ships structure. Protection can be offered clad to the exterior of the ship superstructure or internal to the bulwark. A range of different protection materials can be supplied, including a composite armour solution for mine countermeasure vessels with no radar cross section and minimized magnetic signature.


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