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The Dyna Armour Amphibious Armour Shield System (CA2) is a compact, lightweight and modular personal protection ballistic shield for amphibious use. Operators can conduct surface or subsurface insertions and can tactically deploy CA2 for protection in the water.

CA2 has been designed by divers for divers. The folding lightweight and buoyant shield delivers a new, compact alternative that can be used proficiently in demanding operational conditions. With a carrying harness and removable section, CA2 has been designed with ergonomics in mind offering the user greater opportunities for use and protection.

The shields buoyancy enables surface or subsurface swimming whilst having the shield tactically deployed for in water and underwater protection. The harness has a “back-pack” strap that offers ease of use whilst manoeuvring during fast-roping or climbing insertions and is complemented by the lightweight design. The folding sections also enhance ease of movement whilst approaching confined spaces such as windows or ship bulkhead doors.

The quick release “one -pull” system allows for the shield to be quickly removed when being carried on the divers back


Protection  Level

A  range  of  recognised  standards  or  bespoke  protection  solutions  can  be  provided dependent upon threat.


Folding  design  enables  easy  stowage  &  carriage  and  enables  ease  of  movement  through confined spaces such as bulkhead doors.



Enables use of various primary weapons and secondary devices, it can be easily carried over long distances for tactical movement and insertions.



Designed  for  amphibious  use.  Operators  can  conduct  surface  or  subsurface  insertion. CA2can be either worn or floated alongside whilst swimming.



Delivers  maximum  comfort  and  efficiency.  Carried  on  one arm  ascending/descending ladders.  Hands  free  operations  to  conduct  normal  weapons  stoppage  drills  and  reload.  Incorporates carrying harness for fast roping and climbing insertions with quick release system for diving. Designed to allow freedom of movement whilst carrying on back with ballistic helmet.



Provided  with  integrated  PALS  (Pouch  Attachment  Ladder  System)  webbing  for modular accessory attachment.


In  Service

We  have delivered  a  number  of  similar  products  to  specialist  user groups  around  the world

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