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Dyna Armour systems have been designed to enable very rapid response to changing threat levels and locations.

By enabling rapid construction of ballistic, blast & fragmentation resistant structures, Dyna Armour's Portable Armour Protection System (PAPS) ensures the safety of police, civil defence or military personnel in ever changing situations. 

Each PAPS systems enables rapid construction of a highly defensible, protected position in a non-intrusive architectural package. 


Ballistic, blast and fragmentation resistant structures

Ballistic protection against small arms and resistance to explosive blast wave.

  • 7.62 x 39mm AK-47 mild steel core

  • 7.62 x 51mm NATO Bal NIJ level 3 and all lesser threats.

The baseline design can receive additional armour to enhance protection levels with an associated increase in weight.

NB: Additional armour does significantly alter the weight and ergonomics of the system. 

Modular & lightweight

Designed and developed for safe and easy handling. The component parts break down into an easily transportable pack of 155kg (341 lbs).

Designed and optimised with manual handling in mind

Rapid movement and ease of handling along narrow corridors or up stairways or ladders were key to design success. All individual components weigh 20 kg (44 lbs) or less.

Rapid assembly & disassembly for easy re-deployment

Easy to assemble, disassemble and move on to the next required deployment. Average set-up in 5 minutes in good daylight conditions, or up to 10 minutes in poor night-time conditions. On re-deployment the system can be loaded into a vehicle in less than five minutes.

Multi-role use

Suitable for multiple long or short-term/immediate operational roles; vehicle check points, entry control points, port and dockside protection, within buildings and over-watch positions. 

Stand-alone & Self-supporting

No additional fixings are required to provide small arms protection. Ground anchor pegs and straps are provided to stabilise against the effects of explosive blast.

Weatherproof & Camouflage

Protect/Hide Position & users from elements or over-sight.  Enable open observation and rapid reaction to changing threats and weather. 



Modular Blast & Ballistic Emplacement

Designed to be rapidly deployed, self-supporting and not require any additional fixings, the Protector system immediately protects personnel from effects of small arms, blast & fragmentation. 

They can be easily deployed in iconic, urban, maritime or defence environments.

Ideal for rapid deployment in face of changeable threat levels or locations. 


Bastion of Safety

Designed for use in both internal and external areas, PAPS Refuge can be deployed rapidly in trains, transport hubs, maritime craft or at road intersections.

Provides both ballistic, blast & fragmentation protection.

Additionally, civilians can be placed within during times of very high threat and ongoing incidents for protection.

Environmental protection can also be added – sun/rain/wind shades. 


Dominate High Ground

Used for dominating the areas over high walls / compound walls.

Can be vehicle or vessel mounted. 

Lower footplate also provides ballistic protection from below.

Lightweight, modular protection – additional armour can be added to boost ballistic resistance. 

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