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The design, manufacture and installation of more than 800 bespoke Power Distribution Units (PDU’s) for supplying power to critical vehicle mounted electronic civilian and military equipment while ensuring sufficient battery voltage to start the vehicle.

Under microprocessor control, configurable from a standard computer interface, equipment start-up sequences can be programmed and battery power is constantly regulated and monitored.


Designed to power sensitive vehicle-mounted electronic equipment, the Exsel PDU takes power from an unregulated, nominally 12V supply (i.e. 9-15V per DEFSTAN 61-05) and supplies up to 25A of regulated 12V and 48V power over 14 separate channels with MIL SPEC 38999 connectors. A lightweight internally-mounted auxiliary battery provides 40 A/hr of additional power over and above the military vehicle’s battery, with seamless automatic switching between the two. 

An RS232 port can be connected to an external computer or other controller to enable the supply to be configured for different port configurations and startup sequences, and monitor the battery state.

Exsel PDU
Intelligent Power Distribution Unit
Inside an Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

The Exsel Electronics Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (iPDU) is a modular power distribution unit, designed to provide controllable electrical power to attached Terminal Equipment (TE) loads under the harsh environments demanded of military equipment. The modular design of the product facilitates field repair, with a 1st line level 2 Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) target of 15 minutes.

There are 8 outputs with 10A maximum per output, though outputs may be paralleled if higher current is needed. Outputs are protected against over-temperature, over-current and short circuit, and can have programmable current limits set. Built-In Test diagnostic data is collected continually during iPDU operation. An event log records fault code and time of occurrence, and Windows PC-based maintenance software for system configuration and diagnostics display.


Exsel Electronics can design customised power supplies for specific requirements, meeting all applicable regulations and ensuring minimal power wastage and maximum battery life. Primary power can be drawn from the grid, from a vehicle engine, from a diesel generator or a renewable source.


Working with Exsel Design & Integration, supplies for use in hostile environments can be containerised and/or given high levels of environmental protection to deal with dust, damp, vibration or extreme temperature ranges, and military-grade EMC compatibility can be designed in.

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