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Sometimes a requirement arises for which no off-the-shelf solution, whether commercial (COTS) or military (MOTS), can be found.  

  • Perhaps there is a need to integrate a system using similar COTS products from competing companies, in order to provide back-up and redundancy; but the component suppliers would be unwilling to collaborate with their competitors if one of them were to carry out the integration.

  • Perhaps a ‘concept demonstrator’ is required, to build a simplified system quickly so that the feasibility of a project may be explored at modest cost and with low risk, before deciding whether to invest in a larger-scale project.

  • Perhaps a niche requirement has been identified which is so specialised that no COTS solution exists, and yet the amount of work involved in developing it would be below the threshold at which a major Prime contractor would consider it worth the overhead and administration.

At Exsel Electronics, we are ideally suited for to carry out special projects over a wide range of disciplines, since we combine broad technical skills with a flexible business model:

  • We are independent - not owned by or affiliated with any major Prime contractor, so that we can act as honest brokers and handle product data, under appropriate non-disclosure agreements, that vendors may not want to share with potential competitors.

  • We are agile - our close-knit team and flat management structure means that we can quickly respond to changing requirements, and find innovative solutions to new problems as they come to light.

  • We are multidisciplinary - in a single team we combine a number of essential competencies.

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