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The Underwater  Escape Trainer  (UET) provides submersed training  for Viking (BvS10) vehicle crews and is designed to train crews in escape procedures should an incident occur during amphibious operations.


Meet all training objectives and requirements

  • The water trainer allows fully mobile/ISO compatible or transportable on a low loader.

  • Fully replicates the internal space.

  • Maximises real and simulated equipment to achieve exacting training needs and objectives.

  • Weather proof and water proof with extended design life of up to 25 years.

  • Rugged construction enables thousands of hours of training.

  • Reconfigurable for multi-role training.

Key Customer Benefits

  • All weather, 24-hours training in a totally representative platform environment.

  • Minimal support requirements/operated by a small team.

  • Maximum availability -24 hours if required in all weather.

  • Totally realistic controlled & repeatable training environment.

  • Reduces reliance on live training in operational asset.

  • Greater student throughput versus real asset.

  • Throughput of thousands of trainees with multiple configurations.

  • Maximum cost effectiveness.

  • Compliance with equipment safety case.

  • Realistic environments that enables users and crew to be proficient in asset systems and operations and deliver mission success.


Training Solutions

  • Underwater escape training.

  • Emergency drills and escape procedures.

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