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Exsel Electronics Selected For Secure Data Sharing Project

Exsel Electronics has been selected to lead the next phase of development for DSTL’s IBSA “Information Based Security Architecture” project under the C4ISR Secure Information Infrastructure and Services (CSIIS) Contract managed by QinetiQ. This is part of a collaborative project, led by SA Group Ltd., in which Helyx SIS Ltd. leads the provision of use cases and requirements, Roke Manor Research Ltd. leads a market survey of relevant products and development programmes from elsewhere, and Exsel Electronics leads the systems engineering design work. Thales, Nexor and L3-TRL are also involved in supporting these activities.

The focus of this work is to provide DSTL with a design for an IBSA test bed, which will provide a foundation for assessment and demonstration of the technology as a basis for future information dissemination in the Defence community. Exsel Electronics will be contributing its specific expertise in security-focused Systems Engineering to design the test bed, taking full account of the inputs from the other partners, and produce a full specification. This will subsequently serve as the starting point for a future project phase in which the test bed itself shall be developed and delivered.

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