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Engaging Exsel Design & Integration to manufacture specialist product in an ISO accredited quality environment brings many benefits to businesses of all types. 

Exsel Design & Integration design, product and manufacturing innovation can in particular support the evolution of entrepreneurial UK and overseas product organisations.

The understanding of the processes, disciplines and infrastructure is essential for efficient and cost effective manufacturing. With over 50 years’ experience of specialist UK product manufacturing, Exsel Design & Integration is well-regarded with a pedigree of delivery and quality in product and services and is a strong and reliable business partner.


  • Minimise initial business set-up costs and management overhead.

  • Leverage from existing commercial operations and administration.

  • Reduced lead time for staff recruitment, local processes in place.

  • Experienced in business ‘flex’, demonstrated ability to increase/reduce business size to meet delivery demands.

  • Potential for access to local business support funding.

  • Minimised risk – all local market fluctuations would be offset to manufacturing partner.

  • Accreditations in place.

  • Shortened and proactively managed supply chain, no time zone issues.

  • Leverage supply chain and purchasing power using existing supplier assessment processes.

  • Localised spares and support network for European operations.

  • Reduced manufacturing costs, import taxes, transport costs.

  • Avoidance of local taxes and administrative burden of setting up operations.

  • Ability to source local suitably qualified resources.

  • Option to utilise in-house engineering and through life support services.



  1. Trusted partner in joint endeavours.

  2. Respected - quality of delivered product and project management.

  3. Demonstrated ability to respond quickly and efficiently to changing circumstances.

  4. Knowledgable of standards and requirements.


  1. Mechanical, electrical, electronic design (employing Solidworks and Inventor design software).

  2. Medium volume quality manufacturing.

  3. Software design for monitoring and control (including safety critical operation).

  4. Certification & test activities (components and systems).

  5. Through Life Support analysis and planning including obsolescence management.

  6. Safety management & safety case administration.

  7. Technical documentation including illustrated spares schedules.


  1. Mechanical, electrical, electronic systems.

  2. Manufacture of complex fabricated assemblies using in-house machine tools and facilities: Turning; Welding MIG / TIG / Arc / Gas; Milling; Punching; Bending; Laser Cutting; Drilling; Plating / Painting / Silk Screen Printing.

  3. Design and manufacture of electronic subsystems and specialist wiring harnesses.

    1. ROHS compliant cable assemblies.​

    2. Cable/harness design and prototyping service.

    3. Manufacture/Assembly to IPC WHMA-A-620 disciplines.

    4. Ruggedised cable and conduit assemblies for vehicle systems and platforms for harsh environment operations.

    5. Single, multi-core, coaxial, ribbon, flat and twisted twin cable.

    6. Single / Double screened, power, data cable assemblies.

    7. Flat and circular earth bond braided assemblies.

    8. Multi-branched, hand-laid wiring looms (up to 10-way).

    9. Non hand-laid cables up to 150 metres.

    10. Multi-core MIL-C cables up to 156 pins.

    11. Cable assembly repair and refurbishment service.

  4. 'Lean' processes employed

    1. Broad supply chain expertise

    2. Access to supporting local manufacturing network.



Amada Alpha 4 Laser Cutter

  • Max cut of up to 12mm Mild Steel.

  • Max cut of up to 9mm Stainless Steel.

  • Max cut of up to 8mm Aluminium.

  • Max sheet size of 3000 x 1500mm.

  • Capable of cutting Blast Armour plate 50B.

  • Max sheet weight 330 kg.

Kaltenbach Saw

  • Able to cut up to 130mm tube and 120 x 120mm or 300 x 40mm solid bar.

  • Capable of cutting Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

  • Also equipped with Band Saw and Chop Saw for  cutting smaller material.


Amada Press Brakes

HFP 80 T (7 Axis) and Durma HAP35200 200 T

  • Max of 10mm Mild Steel (up to 3 metres). 

  • Selection of sectional tooling.

  • Ability to produced bespoke tooling in house.

  • Direct and 2D programming.

Tubella UNI 60 Digital Tube Bender

  • Two sets of tooling 1” and 1 ½ ” diameter for bending grade material. 

  • Max Mild Steel tube 1 ½” outside diameter with a 2mm wall thickness.

  • Max Aluminium tube 1 ½ “ diameter with 3mm wall thickness.



  • Aluminium TIG welding up to 25mm thick. 

  • Aluminium MIG MAG welding up to 10mm thick.

  • Mild Steel MIG welding up to 15mm thick.

  • Mild Steel TIG welding up to 10mm thick.

  • Stainless Steel TIG welding up to 10mm thick.

Stud Welder

  • M3 to M8 stud s can be fitted to Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Mild Steel.


XYZ Miller

  • 3 Axis CNC machining.

  • 2 Axis CNC machining.

  • Manual machining.


Heager Insertion System 618 Plus

  • M3 – M10  clinch studs into Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

  • Suitable for a variety of clinch type fasteners.

Rivet Nut Tools

  • Capable of inserting M3 – M12 Rivnuts.

Universal Pipe Notcher

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