As a result of our in-house manufacturing and fabrication facilities, Exsel Design & Integration are able to offer clients a Rapid Prototyping service. Through this route Engineering Prototypes can be prepared in reduced timescales.


Rapid prototyping provides the ability to de-risk an Equipment Programme, by assessing various concepts prior to launching into a formal procurement exercise.

It also provides key stakeholders valuable insight into the look and feel of the system which cannot be conveyed from concept mechanical drawings and allows early feedback from users.


The prototype Cube allowed the concept to be demonstrated in a variety of roles, supporting the principle that the modular design and technical design drawings were sufficiently flexible to support a variety of functions. These designs were then taken to trials as part of LOSA trials organised by UK Ministry of Defence. For the proposed implementation of equipment on platforms, prototyping provided the opportunity to review the candidate design installation with various stakeholders prior to deployment.


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