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Exsel Design & Integration provides bespoke wheeled and tracked vehicle and trailer modification solutions for specialist users and unique requirements for Defence, Government and Civilian applications, specialising in a number of modifications and especially Electronic Counter Measures (ECM). We have designed, assembled and modified a wide range of vehicles over the last 25 years from vehicle conversions to support police diving units and search teams, to vehicle installation and integration as the platform integrator for major military communication programmes.

Exsel Design & Integration has provided the capability to bring a number of front-line UOR vehicles up to a Theatre Entry Standard (TES) including the installation of communication and force protection installation kits and stowage provisions for tools, equipment and specific to role hardware. Our responsibility included, for example, manufacture, procurement, integration and installation of equipment in 321 vehicles over 14 months.

With capacity for individual and volume production Exsel Design & Integration provides tailored designs based on user input and mission requirements, with total emphasis on reliability, ease of maintenance and operation.

Navistar Husky.jpg
Specialist Search Unit

Vehicle types

  • Navistar

  • BAE Systems

  • Hagglunds

  • Land Rover

  • MAN HX60

  • Pinzgauer

  • SupaCat

Integrated vehicle equipment can include

  • Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) Equipment

  • Containers or other bespoke body solutions

  • CBRN protective measures

  • Generators

  • Power harnesses (manufactured by Exsel Group)

  • Alternator upgrades

  • Radio communication equipment and EMC & TEMPEST solutions

  • IR lighting systems for covert night driving

  • Vehicle power distribution systems

  • Hydraulic drives

  • Hydraulic driven dual alternators

  • Air conditioning

  • Connection to grid power supplies (240V & 110V) through vehicle patch panels

  • Bonding and earth testing

  • Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) / Telematics

  • Telescopic masts / surveillance equipment

MAN  Falcon upgrade
BAE Systems Panther
Exsel Design & Integration - MAN Falcon upgrade



This is a current programme for Exsel Design & Integration, where we are supporting Oshkosh deliver their Post Design Services (PDS) contract to MOD for the Wheeled Tanker platform. Exsel Design & Integration have been contracted to undertake an engineering review and upgrade of the electronic equipment installation.

Oshkosh Wheeled Tanker Platform


MAN H60 vehicle

A containerised system to meet TEMPEST, EMC and Environmental requirement for Land, Sea and Air transport.


The unit needed to conform to limited size, weight and centre of gravity restrictions as well as being able to interface with the MAN HX60 platform. 


The solution included the design and manufacture of installed power distribution systems, data cables and interface vaults, power distribution and storage solutions for the man portable Falcon variants.


The capability to bring the “Husky” up to a Theatre Entry Standard (TES). Exsel Design & Integration was responsible for the installation design, test & certification, manufacture, equipment kitting, platform installation and in-service support (both in UK and UK MOD theatres of operation) of all TES features.


Navistar Husky


Exsel Design & Integration were contracted by Navistar Defence to design and manufacture over 300 Vehicle Installation Kits to support the Electrical Upgrade of the Husky platform.  As Exsel Design & Integration were originally contracted to provide the Theatre Entry Solution for the Husky platform, we were familiar with the platform architecture and systems.


Exsel Design & Integration have established a long track record of integrating various equipment onto a range of Supacat platforms, including the JACKAL and COYOTE.
Work has included the design of Vehicle Installation Kits (VIKs) for new communications radios, and the manufacture of VIKs for various electronic systems. 

Pinzgauer - Watchkeeper ground support modification
Supacat Jackal


Exsel Design & Integration worked with Ministry of Defence  to provide the upgrade of Pinzgauer platforms, which are used as the Ground Support Vehicle for the Watchkeeper UAV programme. The project included upgrading the hydraulic power unit and designing a new electrical power interface panel.


The requirement for vehicles and auxiliary equipment to be reliably started, operated and routinely maintained in extreme environments is literally a matter of life or death to user personnel. The process of preparing a military or specialist vehicle for use in severe environments and preparing the user community to safely operate and maintain the asset is therefore critical.

Exsel Design & Integration is experienced in delivering winterised and waterproof vehicle conversions in accordance with applicable standards (e.g. Def Stan 23-8, Def Stan 00-6, STANAG 2805, etc.). Preparing a vehicle for a winterised or waterproof role may require the use of special design features, equipment and treatments, to allow vehicles to be stored, transported, reliably started, subject to sustained operation and routinely maintained in extreme environments.

Winterised and wateproof conversions for vehicles and auxiliary equipment.
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