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As is the case with the large part-task trainers made by our colleagues in Simulation and Training, it is often much more cost-effective - not to mention a great deal safer - to train personnel using an emulation of the system rather than the system itself, especially in the earlier stages of training. 

In conjunction with our remote control system we produce a 'training aid' which provides and accurate PC emulation of the system's full behaviour in a Windows PC user interface.


The emulation software can be connected to a real control unit, with the software emulation and real unit thereafter synchronised in their behaviour: when the student, using a real unit, presses a button on the panel, the trainer sees exactly the same button being pressed in the user interface software; if the trainer presses a button within the user interface, the student sees exactly the same thing happening on the real system in his hands. 


As well a modelling the physical environment of an aircraft, the trainers produced by Simulation and Training included instrumentation and control panels.


For example, in the Fast Jet Trainer (based on the Eurofighter), a high-fidelity replica of the cockpit controls was built, which included switches and screens on which simulated data was displayed. A "trainer's application" was provided by a partner company, providing a full virtual simulation of the cockpit on a computer screen, while we provided the physical displays within the cockpit and ensured that the data displayed on them mirrored whatever was specified by the trainer.

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