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Exsel Electronics is a specialist in live, secure audio and video mobile streaming and can advise on and implement optimised solutions for specific applications.

Sending video data over a network is challenging because data volume is high and unless the available communication channel can cope with this volume there will be trade-off between latency, resolution and frame-rate.


We can provide a system for streaming live video over cellular networks, using multiple SIM cards to maximise bandwidth and continuity of coverage and dynamically adjusting resolution and frame rate to maximise utilisation of bandwidth as it varies from moment to moment.

For equipment control and engineering applications we can provide very-low latency solutions on optimised hardware, for example using FPGAs to compress and encode the images and ensuring that all network components (wired or wireless) are correctly rated for the expected volume of data.


DEFENCE - In the battlefield environment the availability of dependable video data can be critical and it is important both to select the carrier medium carefully (e.g. 3G/4G, tactical radio, satellite, WiFi, UWB) and to adapt the video data itself so that the data rate does not overwhelm the channel and lead to loss of communication.


It goes without saying that the security of the video data is also absolutely critical.


Exsel Electronics have expertise in all of these aspects, and can implement video streaming servers fully compliant with DEFSTAN 00-82 (the UK Ministry of Defence standard for streamed video) while maximising video performance within whatever constraints are applied.

POLICE - Body-worn and vehicle-mounted cameras are being adopted by an increasing number of police forces as a way of protecting both officers and the public against violence and miscarriages of justice.


For police use it is important not just to have the camera and the video streaming technology, but the supporting infrastructure to keep the data secure, archive it, verify its integrity and enable its subsequent use as evidence. It must be equally possible to transmit live data when necessary, even if the local cellular infrastructure is shaky, and to store data locally for subsequent download and archiving.


Exsel's flexible solutions enable this to be achieved in both urban and rural settings, supplementing 3G/4G cellular infrastructure with satellite communication where necessary in order to ensure the widest possible coverage.

BROADCAST - When a story breaks, broadcasters need to be able to get quickly to where the action is, without having to take with them an entourage of expensive and bulky equipment and a team of technicians to operate it.


With Exsel Electronics live streaming equipment such as video transmission modules, high-quality HD video data, with audio, they can be streamed reliably wherever a rudimentary cellular infrastructure is available, or from even more remote locations when a satellite link can be provided: the system intelligently and unobtrusively sends data across all available channels, balancing their capacity to squeeze out every kb/s of possible bandwidth.

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