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Most military electronic systems need to have mission-specific data loaded onto them via a transfer and filling device at the beginning of a day’s work. Very often this data will be classified at Secret or above, and yet it will need to be put onto the system by an operative who may not themselves be cleared at that level. 

Just as importantly, at the end of a mission there may be secret data that needs to be removed from the vehicle and taken away for processing. In any case the system itself will need to be rigorously cleaned to ensure that if the device were stolen or captured then no data would be taken with it. 


Exsel Electronics designs and manufactures the vehicle electronic systems and the data transfer devices that ensure secure data transmission and extract data safely from them, using strong encryption. 

Exsel Electronics has expertise in rigorous cleaning, ensuring that no trace of the sensitive data is left on the device; not only deleting it, but overwriting it multiple times with randomised noise to ensure that nothing can be recovered even using specialist techniques.

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