Exsel's C-130X Hercules Fuselage Trainers provide a totally realistic, controlled and repeatable training environment.

The devices are constructed from real and simulated equipment as appropriate in order to achieve exacting training needs and objectives.



A set of modular training devices that accurately replicated the internal space of the target aircraft, including:

  • Full replication of enhanced cargo handling system (pallet locking & control).

  • Replication of aircraft communication system.

  • A variety of electrical supplies in accordance with aircraft.

  • Hydraulic actuation of cargo ramp and door as required by the training requirements.

The device comprises of robust replicated parts and components as designed from customer information of the live aircraft in order to permit continuous device use in the training environment. The device hardware provided can be interfaced seamlessly with the loadmaster training software if required.


  • Complex loadmaster training

  • Aircrew and passenger familiarisation/egress emergency training

  • Aeromedical evacuation and air ambulance crew training

  • Egress emergency training

  • Troop training.


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