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Exsel Design & Integration is a strong and reliable business partner with over 50 years' experience of specialist UK manufacturing. The business is well-regarded with a pedigree of quality in product and service delivery in support of mechanical and electrical engineering, electronics and conformance to defence standards and offers a true 'turn-key' scope of supply including all stages from engineering concept to product realisation.

Exsel Design & Integration are able to either undertake a classic Build to Print Manufacturing Service, using customer supplied drawings, or work with clients to provide the complete engineering Design and Development process to lead into a Manufacture and Test programme.


  • Specification writing, including Requirements Capture

  • Product design

  • Product development and build

  • Product prototyping & testing

  • Product certifications to the relevant technical, safety, security and legislative standards.

  • Build to Specification 

  • Precision Component Manufacturing

In addition, contract manufacture can be offered as a Build To Print service from the most basic source data - if required original customer sketches or concepts can be developed into detailed engineering drawings supported with 3D imagery.


  • Spares replacement

    • Our Spares Replacement service offers clients access to components for "in-service" equipment that requires repair or maintenance to achieve life-extension. This service is becoming critical where the user chooses to extend the life of in-service equipment or where maintenance contracts have finished.

  • Equipment Sustainment Support

    • (see Technology Refresh)

  • Through life support (TLS)

    • Where required, Exsel Design & Integration can provide a full TLS service for clients addressing all Defence Lines of Development  (training, equipment, personnel, information, doctrine, organisation, infrastructure & logistics).

  • Technology refresh

    • Using an analysis of obsolescent, or soon to be obsolete, components we can provide recommendations for a suitable course of action such as 'last time buy' or a re-design to accommodate the current components. By adopting a Technology Refresh approach the life of systems can be extended.

  • EMC

    • Exsel Design & Integration will also undertake trials to investigate EMC issues, to identify the potential cause of interference in systems.

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