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Exsel Design & Integration has a wide experience of ruggedising customer ballistic protection equipment to allow it to be used in hostile environments.


From a deep understanding of how to integrate equipment such as radios and Electronic Warfare systems onto mobile platforms, Exsel Design & Integration can provides a ruggedised Installation Kit to clients, that addresses power, data, ventilation and vibration.

Equipment ruggedisation can be provided packaged in off the shelf rapidly deployable transit/flight cases or bespoke to role fabricated case solutions.


Typical areas to be considered include the selection of anti-vibration mounts for the intended platform, which vary depending upon whether it is a land or maritime environment.

Other considerations are whether the platform may need to operate in a multi-role capacity, in which case the client equipment may need to be packaged in a way that allows it to be rapidly removed, rather than a permanent fixture. This design constraint must also be addressed with respect to cooling, where the way the system is used can impact the design of the air conditioning and airflow.


  • Composite ( “Peli” type) or fabricated metal cases

  • Prototyping prior to production run

  • Modification and configuration of cases to specific roles

  • Design for EMC/EMP protection

  • Ruggedised commercial off the shelf (COTS) equipment and components

  • In-house wiring and metal fabrication

  • Module / system functionality test support

  • Full component specification and population

  • Vehicle mounted or man portable systems

  • Conformance to defence and industrial Standards

  • Management of environmental test programmes

Equipment Ruggedisation
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